Africa’s share of global private infrastructure has remained small, despite improved governance and macro-economic conditions. The AFC was established to fill the gap and remedy the infrastructural deficits which have prevented African economies from realising their potential. With such a critical mission to accomplish, AFC continuously seeks to recruit qualified, diverse, dynamic and exceptional talent to meet its ever growing business demands. To date, the AFC has made significant progress towards achieving its mission, and has received local and international awards in recognition of its contribution to achieving Africa’s sustainable socio-economic development, by financing large-scale infrastructure projects.

At AFC, we offer individuals excellent opportunities for professional development, aim to unlock talent and nurture an individual’s potential, and help to create shareholder value. With a wide range of investment projects across key countries and sectors on the continent, AFC offers challenging but exciting jobs, world-class personal and professional development programmes covering on-the-job training, formal local and international training as well as structured coaching and mentoring. AFC also offers an exciting and inclusive workplace, where diversity is valued and excellence and high performance are rewarded.

Competitive and transparent recruitment and selection processes, strong work ethics, highly motivated employees, combined with policies which promote our commitment to work-life balance and the well being of our employees and a meritocratic philosophy, together ensure a level-playing field, enthrone excellence and validate a growing reputation in the market for the delivery of exceptional results.

Our organization is structured around our key business functions, such as Investment, Origination, Project Development, Finance & Treasury, Legal, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Human Resource Management and Administration. Recruitment opportunities into existing or emerging roles exist from time to time and we seek highly qualified, talented, motivated and versatile individuals to fill these roles.

If you are interested in pursuing an exciting and highly challenging career, you are invited to send your curriculum vitae to