From the CEO

“Africa is the world’s second largest continent with a population of over 1.2 billion people, more than 50% of whom live without electricity. It is the lack of samaila2.jpgelectricity that forms one of the greatest constraints to Africa’s economic growth. As Sub-Saharan Africa populations continue to grow at twice the rate of developed economies greater pressure will be exerted on power and other critical forms of infrastructure that support socio-economic development.

Africa’s total infrastructure investment requirements are in the region of US$170 billion per annum, with a financing gap in the range of US$68 – US$108 billion. It is for this reason that AFC was established over a decade ago, and our mission has remained the same ever since: infrastructure investment and development needs whilst delivering competitive financial returns and positive social impact.

AFC is an independent, majority private sector owned, multi-lateral African financial institution providing project structuring expertise and risk capital to address Africa’s infrastructure development needs. We have grown to become one of the continent’s leading development finance institutions with around US$6.1 billion of assets under management. With 26-member countries, and an investment footprint that spans over 30 countries across Africa we are a truly Pan-African institution.

We remain committed to developing and financing projects in our core infrastructure sectors of Power, Natural Resources (Oil and Gas, and Mining), Heavy Industry, Transport and Telecommunications. Working with development partners from across the continent, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we continue to build momentum as a financier, advisor and project manager of infrastructure projects across the continent.

Crucially, we have one of the highest credit ratings for an institution on the continent that not only supports our ability to deliver on project ambitions, but underscores how we manage our investments, seeking the highest levels of governance, transparency and sustainable development.

The most critical need in the market is for project development capital and construction finance to de-risk projects as well as a market maker for institutional capital. To be the leading African Infrastructure solutions provider we will identify and pursue new strategies to optimize low cost funding sources that will enable investment in high quality assets.

We will align our offerings to the needs of African states, with whom we will deepen relationships and alliances to reduce the infrastructure deficit, develop natural resource assets and roll out industrial parks to beneficiate resources, and substitute imports for economic growth and development.
The infrastructure investment gap and the negative impact that it has on the growth and social development of African economies forms the challenge AFC wish to overcome. It is our intention, as an organisation committed to effecting change, that we deliver a meaningful and impactful difference to society.”
Samaila Zubairu, President & CEO

Who We Are
AFC is a Multilateral Financial Institution, created by sovereign African states to provide pragmatic solutions to Africa’s Infrastructure deficit and challenging operating environment, by developing and financing infrastructure, natural resources and industrial assets, for enhanced productivity and economic growth of African States.
Our Vision
To become Africa’s leading infrastructure solutions provider.
Our Mission
To foster economic growth and industrial development of African countries, while delivering a competitive return on investment to our shareholders.